The cake will be eaten…. the dress will never be worn again… flowers…. confetti …. 

Make it last with the beautiful images that could be an everlasting memory of the happiest day of your life together!  Choose your photographer well and you will be rewarded with the images that wow your and your family for years to come. 

Recently a bride asked me during a pre-wedding photo session “What if the photos don’t come out well? Have you had a wedding when you look at the pictures and think oh no, it is a disaster?”  The short answer was NO WAY.  The longer answer is:  to avoid any equipment technical errors I carry two cameras all the time and always alter them.  You more often have similar photos (with different facial expressions, and different effects as I am shooting with different lenses too) than anything missing.  But there could be a different situation when the couple has only planned very little time for photography or just before the wedding day have presented me with a list of 20 group shots that need to be taken on the day.  To achieve those stunning romantic photos we need not only time but the state of mind and suitable surroundings.  It is very difficult to create a beautiful sensual image when in the background your uncle Bob is making inappropriate comments after a drink or two!  But you could enjoy your time with the photographer and then enjoy your time with the friends and family if you organise and plan your day well!! 

Not long ago I read an article in a well respected professional photography magazine where the author was saying something along the following lines: well, of course all of us know that you can’t get glamorous photos at every wedding, the images like that need a beautiful bride, handsome groom, great venue. . . . .

I was actually shocked reading that article… In my mind the professional photographer can create stunning images from each and every wedding she or he photographs.  I know that I always offer my couples a lot of opportunities to have fun, to try glamorous posing and beautiful lighting, most of the time using any available props on the day.  I have photographed a bride late afternoon in December in a tiny hotel room with only available light being a spotlight in the ceiling and the image won in a national SWPP competition in bridal photography section.  …… Choose your photographer well and you will be amazed what we could do!!!!

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