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Relax and enjoy every moment of your special day by Chris Woods

On meeting Chris, you will quickly discover that he is as passionate about your wedding day as you are.  He will ensure that every element of your celebration is just as you planned leaving you, and your close family and friends, free from worry so you can enjoy every moment of your special day.

 Chris is a highly experienced member of the English Toastmasters Association, a new genre of toastmasters offering unsurpassed care and support throughout your preparation and superb event management.

 In the months leading up to your wedding, you and your fiancé and those close to you are likely to invest an immense amount of money, energy and emotion into planning and preparing your wedding. Everyone will want your special day to be perfect in every way and will bring his considerable experience to bear to ensure your plans are realised just as intended.

Chris will advise and guide throughout your planning, so you know the procedures and can decide on the etiquette and protocols that are right for you. 

 On your wedding day, Chris will take responsibility for the delivery of your plans making certain that your wishes and dreams are brought to life just as you intended with subtlety and a touch of style to ensure your celebration is a day to be remembered and cherished by all.

Chris will release you, and those close to you, from the stresses and strains of organising proceedings on the day so that you can all relax and enjoy each and every moment, secure in the knowledge that your plans will be realised in every detail and your wedding day will be the day of your dreams.

 From start to finish, Chris will be at your side gentle managing the expected and unexpected to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to your plans and wishes so you can relax and savour every moment of your wedding day. 

Chris is gentle and considerate and has just the right touch to ensure guests are at ease and comfortable no matter what the venue. He is an accomplished communicator and builds rapport quickly and he will gently orchestrate all activities, liaising and working along-side the other contributors to your wedding, such as the venue manager, photographer and entertainer, to ensure your event runs smoothly

As your day unfolds, Chris will never be far from your side so he can meet your every need so you can maximise your enjoyment. Chris is totally dependable and will release you from the worries of the day so you can relax and have fun with your family and guests. 

Chris will:

  • Take responsibility for the delivery of your plans
  • Support those making speeches, prior and during the event
  • Provide the reassurance that your day will be gently but professionally managed
  • Make announcements including at the wedding breakfast, cake cutting and first dance
  • Add just the right touch of style and humour to enhance the enjoyment of your day
  • Help to create the just the right atmosphere Relieve you, and those close to you, from the stresses and strains of managing events on the day
  • Allow you to relax and enjoy your special day to the full
  • Be at your side to meet your every need
  • Meet and attend to the needs of your family and friends
  • keep your guests informed and ensure their comfort
  • Ensure you and your guests are in the right place at the right time
  • Discreetly work alongside other professionals contributing to your day
  • Take care of the unexpected, subtly and unobtrusively 

Chris is a passionate professional who will help you and your family and friends reap the maximum benefit of the emotional and financial investments made during our planning. Chris will help to turn your wedding plans into a dream come true.

Chris Woods will lift that stress and worry from your shoulders. He will take the strain so you might focus on enjoying every moment of your special day together with your guests.

 Tel: 01394 387260 or 07519150384




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