Recent Weddings by Olga Becker

Marie and Frankie
Sarah and Adam 
Wedding in Kesgrave Hall
Sharna and Patrick
Gemma & Ed
Tara and Darryn
Wendy & Keith
Emma & Scott 
Antonia & James
Natalie & David 
Keely-Ann & James 
Kelly and Paul
Amy & Mike 
Jo and Sean 
Claire & Matthew 
Andrew and Martin 
Charn & Jordan 
Wedding in St Mary's Church Felixstowe
Laura & Shane 
Mandy & Grant 
Gemma & Lloyd 
Laura & Ryan 
Naomin & Ed 
Holly & Jordan 
Amy & James
Victoria & Andrew
Jo & Harry 
Kerri and Ashley
Ashleigh and Dan
Jess and Aaron 
Lucy & Jason
Rebecca & Chris
Chloe and James 
Lucy & Daniel 
Butley Priory Wedding
Lauren and James
Becky & James
Amanda & Matthew 
Danielle & Kevin
Hannah & Tom
Amy & Luke 
Shepherds Cottage
Yasmin and Aiden 
Yasmin & Aiden
Leanne & Craig 
Susan & Lee 
Ufford Park
Hannah & Martin 
Weddding in Ufford Park
Claire & Bradley
Carrie & Jonathan 
Wedding in Stoke - by - Nayland
Siobhan & James
Vicki & Richard
Rebecca & Gareth 
The wedding of Rebecca and Gareth in Woodhall Manor
Astra and Mario 
Holly & Liam 
Zoe & Jamie 
Belstead Brook Wedding
Tracey and John
Heidi & Steve 
The Wedding of Heidi and Steve
Sylvia and Paddy 
Sarah and Alex
Leah & Lewis 
The wedding of Leah & Lewis in Helmingham Hall
Charlene & Daran 
Hintlesham Golf Club
Jia and Alex 
Woodhall Manor
Katie & Daniel 
Ufford Park
Stacey & Wayne
Emily & Marcus
Sarah & Terry
Laura & Gavin 
Moreves Barn
Christal & Shane 
Melton Church
Adele and Craig 
Hayley and Sean
Emma and Tony
Holly and Luke 
Church Wedding and reception in Hintlesham Golf Club
Rebecca and Matthew Wedding 
Wedding in Hungarian Hall
Ashleigh and Daniel in Maison Talbooth
Kerry & Kevin in Preston Priory Barn 
Louise and Adam in Secford Hall 
Secford Hall Wedding
Kerry and Gavin Baby
Hannah and Dan Bump session 
Bump session
Louise and Nick
Rebecca and Matthew 
Pre-wedding Session
Sophie and Daley
Rebecca and Tynan 
Wedding - Belstead Brook Hotel
Louise Album
Anna and Laura Portraits 
portrait session
AJ photo session
Gemma and Matthew
Kelly and Stuart
Annie and Rob 
The Wedding of Rob and Annie
Susie and Steve 
Woodhall Manor Wedding
Louise and Fabian
Laura and Arran 
Jane and Rob 
Katie and Justin
Hayley and David
Kayleigh and William 
Diana and Trevor
Marina and Tim 
The wedding of Tim and Marina in Woolverstone Hall
Portrait Session Ann 
Sian and Sean 
Wedding of Sean and Sian Stoke by Nayland Hotel
Alison and David 
Wedding od Alison and David
Jennifer and Thomas
Jade and Gary
Nicola and David
Katie and Rob
Jane and Tim 
Hintlesham Hall
Lucy and Kevin 
Otley Hall
Zoe and Alan 
Pre Wedding Session
Heather and Paul 
The Wedding of Heather and Paul in Yaxley Hall
Sara and Liam 
The wedding in Helmingham Church
Hannah and Dan 
Jo and Craig 
S. Photo Session 
boudoir photo session
Hannah and Andrew 
Martlesham Church and Hintlesham Hall
Baby Cox 
Laurence and Neila's baby
Sophie and Chris 
Wedding of Chris and Sophie in Butley Priory
Stephanie - Emma and Keiron 
HC boudoir 
photo session
Laura and Andrew 
The Wedding of Laura and Andrew
Carly and George 
The wedding of Carly and George on 22nd December
Louise and Stas 
Secford Hall, Ipswich, Suffolk wedding
Family Photo Session 
Three Sisters Surprise Photo session
Nick and Dee 
Vanessa and Sam 
The Wedding of Vanessa and Sam at the St Mary's Church in Woodbridge and reception at the Woodhall Manor, Suffolk
Lizzie and Philip 
The wedding of Lizzie and Philip
Susan and John 
The Wedding of Susan and John at Dunston Hall, Norwich
Kerry and Gavin Wedding 
The wedding of Kerry and Gavin in Haughley Park Barn
Becky and Richard 
The Wedding of Richard and Becky in Stoke by Nayland Golf Club
Lorelle and Brent 
The Wedding of Lorelle and Brent in Otley Hall, Suffolk
Roanna and Mark 
The wedding of Mark and Roanna in Barham Church; Reception in Woodhall Manor, Suffolk
James and Catherine 
Portrait Session of James and Catherine
Donna and Roger 
The wedding of Donna and Roger at the Tuddenham Mill
Amanda and Ben 
Pre-wedding Session of Ben and Amanda
Claire and Lee 
The Wedding of Claire and Lee in Whitton Church, Suffolk
Rachel and John 
The Wedding of Rachel and John in the Grange Hotel, Thurston
Kerry and Gavin Pre-Wedding 
The Pre-wedding Session of Kerry and Nigel
Trudy and Nigel 
Trudy and Nigel
Rachel and Paul 
Photos of Paul and Rachel
Hayley and Ed 
Pre-wedding photos
The Wedding of Jade and James 
The wedding of Jade and James in Melton Church, Suffolk and the reception in the Hungarian Hall. Photography by Olga Becker
Nicola and MJ bump session 
The pregnancy photo session of Nicola and MJ
Rachel Photo Session 
Boudoir Photo Session
Louise and Paul 
The wedding of Paul and Louise in the Hollesley Church
Rachel and Doug 
The wedding of Rachel and Doug in Woodhall Manor, Suffolk
Sue Photo Session 
Boudoir Photographer, Suffolk, Ipswich
Stephanie and James 
The wedding of Stephanie and James, Mary on Stoke Church, Ipswich
Joanna Photo Session 
Boudoir Photo Session by White Orchid Photography, Ipswich, Suffolk
Lindsey and Ben 
The wedding of Lindsay and Ben in Colchester
Kieran and Natasha 
The Wedding Album of Kieran and Natasha - the wedding in Butley Priory
Jo and Adam 
The wedding of Jo and Adam on 7th April 2012
Paul and Aaron 
The Civil Ceremony in Woodhall Manor, Suffolk
Hilary and Ray 
The Wedding of Hilary and Ray in Leiston Abbey
Alison and Angus 
The wedding of Alison and Angus in the Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk
Heidi and David 
Heidi and David were married on 21 st January 2012 in Hintlesham Hall Suffolk
Di and Clive 
The Wedding of Di and Clive at Butley Priory
Yelena and Brendan 
The wedding of Yelena and Brendan in Woodhall Manor, Suffolk
Sadie and Winston 
The wedding of Sadie and Winston
The Wedding of Rachel and Mike 
The wedding of Rachel and Mike In Butley Church, Suffolk
Kaley and Chris 
Kaley and Chris were married at the Dove Barn near Boxford on 3rd December 2011
Ruth and Neil 
Ruth and Neil were married at the Chapel of the Dunston Hall on 19th November 2011
The Wedding of Nicola and Michael-James 
The Wedding of Nicola Lodge and Michael-James Platt-Nolan took place at the St. Andrews Church in Barningham on 29th October 2011. The reception was held at the Moreves Barn in Great Waldringfield in Sudbury
The wedding of Natasha and Kieran 
Natasha and Kieran were married in one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Suffolk - Butley Priory
The wedding of Rachel and Robert 
The wedding of Rob and Rachel took place on 27 August 2011 in Harwich
The wedding of Carolyn and Mike 
The wedding of Carolyn and Mike in Hedingham Castle. The Wedding Ceremony took place on 13th August 2011 in a beautiful castle in Essex.
The wedding of Vicky and Jamie 
The wedding of Vicky and Jamie took place on 3rd August 2011 in the Church of All Saints Sudbourne near Woodbridge and the reception in Woodhall Manor
Baby Mia and the family 
The portrait session of baby Mia and the family
The wedding of Iona and Steve 
The wedding of Iona and Steve took place on 30th July 2011
The wedding of Rachael and Kevin 
The Wedding of Rachael and Kevin took place on 23rd July 2011
The wedding of Sarah and Jeff 
The wedding of Sarah and Jeff Hey took place in Otley Hall on 22 July 2011.
The Wedding of Charlotte and Craig 
Charlotte and Craig have got married on 2nd July 2011 in Yaxley Hall
Victoria and Rob 
The Wedding of Rob and Victoria in Butley Priory
The Wedding of Charlotte and Anton 
Charlotte and Anton were married on 18th June 2011 in St Michael's Church Framlingham and the reception in Butley Priory
Sue and Brian 
The wedding of Sue and Brian in Butley Priory, Suffolk near Woodbridge
The wedding of Caroline and Nick 
The wedding of Caroline and Nick took place on 20th May 2011 in a beautiful Suffolk wedding venue Butley Priory
Imi and Gregory 
The wedding of Imogen and Gregoryin Trinity Park on 17th May
The wedding of Charlotte and James 
The wedding of Charlotte and James took place on 29th April 2011 and the wedding reception in Ufford Park Golf Club in Melron, Suffolk
Erica and Edward 
The wedding of Erica and Edward on 4th April in Woodbridge registry office
The Wedding of Catherine & Rob 
This is a selection of photos from the wedding of Catherine and Rob on 1st May 2010. The Wedding took place at the St Margaret's Church Bolton Lane in Ipswich Suffolk, the wedding photos were taken at the Christchurch Park in Ipswich and the reception took place at the Burstall Village Hall


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